About Me

I have five points that I live by:

  • Family
  • Honesty / Integrity
  • Simplicity
  • Humor
  • Prosperity & Wealth


Family first, last, and always.  They are my “Why”.
I approach everything with, “Will this be right for them?”
Not just financially, but will my decision make them proud today, tomorrow, or 50 years from now?

Honesty / Integrity

These aren’t just buzzwords for me. I have always lived by this code, and I have always seen it pay huge dividends.
My reputation is critical to me, because I want to make my family proud. I can always make more money, but it’s almost impossible to fix a damaged reputation.


Any fool can overly complicate a matter (like the Rube Goldberg device, left), but it is terribly difficult to provide a simple yet accurate explanation to a complex problem. Yet this can be the most powerful approach. Or, as Albert Einstein once said, if you can’t explain it to a child, you don’t understand it well enough.


Life is too short not to laugh at every opportunity. I readily admit to flaunting the traditional snobbery that humor is unprofessional. Indeed, sometimes it really is the best medicine. To quote Reba McEntire, ” To succeed in life, you need three things: a wishbone, a backbone and a funny bone.”

Prosperity & Wealth

In the past two hundred years, about 90% of millionaires made their fortunes through real estate. You can get there too. Yes, you.
Goals are one of the keys to prosperity. How can you possibly hit a target that you haven’t defined yet?
A mentality of abundance helps dramatically too. Few things in this world are truly zero-sum games, i.e. you must lose so that I can win. Instead, cooperation (and yes, competition) are critical to true success.
I firmly believe that the only time you should look down on someone is if you are helping them up.  And as Zig Ziglar said, “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.” I want to be a multi-millionaire, so I have chosen a path to help others get there too.


My social missions are directly tied to my life’s passions. I endorse, participate, or contribute to Veterans, Animal Rescue, and Clean Beaches and Oceans programs.
I’m a U.S. Air Force Veteran, and I love helping Active Duty military members and other Veterans improve their lives through real estate.
I’m also a life-long local resident & beach enthusiast (okay, beach bum), giving me an intimate knowledge of all things beach & waterfront.
I’m effective, but also casual, laid-back, and easy-going. And, if you can’t tell by now, I speak fluent motivational quotes. I love my family and my 4 rescue dogs, all things beach & ocean, motorcycles, astronomy, sci-fi or most things geeky, and music is a must in my life.
I’m not a “salesman”, although I do have that skill set. I view my role as a professional adviser, and I take that role very seriously.  My services should either save you money or make you money, well above what I charge. If I can’t deliver more value than I’m paid for, I will tell you.
My job, my passion, is helping you make the right decision for your situation, and to put you on the path to success in real estate. Every bit of content I produce is centered on providing you with useful & actionable information and strategies.
The decisions are ultimately yours.
Get started now, call me at (813) 489-9789


The Veteran Realtor®.

Serving the Florida Suncoast, including Dunedin, Gulfport, South Pasadena, St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, and nearby areas.