About Me

I’m a life-long local resident & beach enthusiast, giving me an intimate knowledge of all things waterfront.

I try very hard to be (mostly) professional. But if you ever see me wearing a tie, know that it was court-ordered.

I’m effective, but also casual, laid-back, and easy-going.

I’m recluse, and prefer to not deal with the general public. Bit of a conundrum for a people-based industry, right?

But I still love helping the right people improve their station in life.

Who exactly makes the list of the “right” people?  Well, we need a connection. An affinity point.
If you’re a veteran, that’s a good start.
Or a beach bum, a fisherman, Xterra owner, surfer, wannabe sailor, sci-fi geek, a dog rescuer, an entrepreneur, a marketing geek, constant movie quoter, music lover, or a motorcyclist.

I also speak fluent motivational quotes.

Because if you keep we’re going to take a journey together, and if we don’t have anything in common, this is going to be awkward. And I don’t like awkward.
Well, nobody does, but I’d rather stay home and avoid it if at all possible.

I think… differently.

Sometimes, all it takes is a different perspective for concepts to “click” for someone.

For example, take the old adage that “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

Surely you’ve been to a supermarket, and undoubtedly they had a “Produce” section. You’ve probably bought a banana or tomato at some point, right?
Wait for it…
Go back, read it again.
Wait for it…
Yeah, you got it now, right?
What else have you been missing?


Beach Communities

When I was only 2 years old, my family moved here from Wisconsin. My family home had a pool so I learned to swim at 3 years old, and I’ve loved the water ever since.

I grew up firmly entrenched in my neighborhood in West St. Petersburg.

The nearby areas of South Pasadena, St. Pete Beach and Treasure Island, Azalea, Tyrone, Gulfport, all were accessible and each had their own appeal worth exploring.

As I got older and my boundaries for roaming expanded, I really discovered the beach. Fishing, surfing, and yes, girls in bikinis had something to do with it, too.

I still fondly remember the unique, quirky places and the charm of that time. And I remember driving down the beach strip and actually being able to see the water.

I’ve seen a lot of change over the years. I remember how it was, I appreciate how it currently is, and I can put in a very educated guess as to what the future will be.

This will always be home.


Just shy of my 18th birthday, I shipped out for Air Force Basic Training. I spent my first 4 years in the death-defying Cable & Antenna career field, building towers and splicing wires.

My second 4 years I got paid the same to stay on the ground, in an office, and push papers as an Education & Training Manager (much better job!) for Security Forces.

I had some amazing experiences in some exotic locations, but I had enough after 8 years and separated with an Honorable Discharge.

As any veteran will tell you, I may not miss the Bravo Sierra but I definitely miss the camaraderie.

I will always be passionate about helping my brothers and sisters.

After all, you’re not really a veteran if you don’t have a divorce, bad credit, a terrible tattoo (I dodged that one!), a caffeine and / or nicotine addiction, and a terribly inappropriate sense of humor.

Condo & HOA

Like most people and their careers, I got into Condo & HOA management a bit sideways.

I quickly discovered it was a rather good fit.

I learned that I actually enjoy that there is always another project and/or crisis to handle.

I discovered that, oddly enough, I have the people skills to excel at sales and client retention.

I also thoroughly enjoy the semi-entrepreneurial nature of it. Every community is a not-for-profit corporation. It’s wonderful experience to be a key player inside of the business operations for a dozen companies.

That experience bears fruit in many other areas too.


As that much-younger beach bum, I found my first real estate investment deal on a beach cruise (of course!).

An acre of waterfront land for $1500. I knew the area, and knew that would be a bargain in short order.

I had almost $2000 in the bank from my part-time jobs.

Given my future aspirations to join the military, my parents dissuaded me.

By the time I circled back to check it out again a couple of years later, there were multi-million dollar homes being built there.

My $1500 investment would have yielded a solid $100,000, probably much more.

Ouch. I’m still nursing that wound.

But I knew I was on the right track.  And in my subsequent grab to better understand and learn more, I stumbled upon “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which I promptly devoured and put on a pedestal.

Since then, I devote a significant amount of time consuming anything that furthers my financial education. Books, podcasts, web resources, and even conversations with live human beings (only as a last resort, though).

Helping You

My mission, my passion, is helping other people better their position in life through real estate.

You gotta live somewhere, right? Why not use that to put you in a better financial situation?


“Make things as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Real estate is notoriously difficult. Buying a home is fraught with new terms (escrow?), and unknown sticking points (what’s a WDO inspection?!?).

My job is to make that as simple and painless as possible, in the plainest terms, examples, or analogies that I can.

To take the otherwise daunting legalese and make it understandable, even possibly a fun experience.

It’s one of the hardest aspects of the job, but it’s incredibly rewarding too.


My focus is on Active Duty & Veterans. We communicate authentically, and I love to help my brothers & sisters.

But you’re hard pressed to find someone better at digging through a Condo’s documents and financials, and more importantly, translating that into something you can understand and use!

That deep knowledge of the West St. Petersburg & beaches areas is an added bonus.

This is the land of unicorns.

This area has good properties for a reasonable price, close to everything you want. Of course, we also have multi-million dollar estates and luxury condos. The best of both worlds!

And, of course, I love to help people make money.