Buried Treasure In Florida

Time to focus on the fun side of Florida.

Relocating here is appealing, especially in winter. But is there anything to do for fun?

Well, you can always seek buried treasure.



Most People Don’t Know These 9 Treasures Are Hiding In Florida

Did you ever dream of searching for buried treasure as a kid? Well, it turns out that Florida is full of legends of pirates and hidden loot, and you don’t have to be a kid to check them out. We dug up some local legends with the help of Lost Treasure USA, to help you start your search.

1. Search St. George Island for this jackpot rumored to be worth $6 million.

Flickr/Arthur T. LaBar

According to legend, the large stash of Spanish gold bars hidden in clay crocks should be buried eight feet deep on the eastern tip of this island located near Apalachicola.


2. A chest of jewels hidden by the legendary Gasparilla could be hidden near here…

Flickr/Don Johnson 395…

but you’ll have to swim into a muddy pond full of water moccasins to reach it. To reach the supposed location of this treasure, begin at the southern tip of Placida Island, then travel north through Cape Haze. Make a right turn, and you should see the lake after going one mile east. We don’t really recommend attempting this one, though, for obvious reasons.


3. Follow the secret tunnels beneath Fort San Carlos de Barrancas in Pensacola to a hidden chamber filled with hidden treasure.

Flickr/Gary Cooper

If you can find the right tunnel, it should lead to a $3 million treasure secured there by Pirate Billy Bowlegs Rogers.


4. Search for this “Money Pit” somewhere slightly northeast of where SR 2 crosses the Chattahoochee River in Northwest Florida.


In this tale, the Seminole Indians were forced to dump about $100,00 worth of gold coins (now worth much more). It had been given to them by the British for their help fighting the American colonies, but it slowed them down too much when they were being pursued by Andrew Jackson. I have not been able to locate the area on a modern map, but it was supposedly called Old Yarbor Pond. Maybe someone reading this has heard of it and can help us get a more exact location.


5. Try to find the spot where pirates supposedly buried not only their treasure, but their entire ship, too.

Flickr/Matt Deavenport

Legend says that an old pirate ship was seen fleeing from a Spanish patrol in Pensacola Bay. The escaped by heading up the Escambia River near what is now Century. They decided to beach their ship and conceal it with a mound of sand and rocks about half a mile west of the river. It is rumored that by following a dry channel in this area, one can find a giant mound, more than 100 feet long. Once this is found, travel half a mile north to find the mound with the buried treasure.


6. Rumor has it that several famous pirates all buried treasure on these islands.


Gasparilla, Bowlegs and Jean Lafitte may have fled to the islands of the Choctawatchee Bay after raids in the Caribbean and Gulf regions they had been pillaging.


7. Try your luck on St. Vincent Island in Apalachicola Bay.

Flickr/Jon K.

Pirates in the 1700s supposedly used the island as a campsite, so some have speculated that there would be buried treasure here.


8. Visit Florida’s largest island to try your luck on a giant treasure hunt.

Flickr/FrankThere are numerous legends about treasure hidden on Pine Island. Some of the legends involve chests of gold and tales of pirate markings on trees, as well as a treasure buried by the pirate Joseph Baker.


9. Head to Bald Point in Escambia County, the site of many rumors.

Flickr/Wilson Bilkovich

One of these rumor states that Pirate Billy Bowlegs Rogers hid three chests somewhere on in the area under an old palm tree.

Good luck, treasure hunters! Let us know if you find anything!

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