Buying a home is a big decision, and it's often referred to as the largest single purchase a person is likely to make in their lifetime.

It can get overwhelming, especially for the first-time home buyer.


There are many steps in the process, and the right order makes the process run smoothly.

That’s where I can make all the difference in your experience.

A steady hand at the helm, providing high-level and detailed guidance in all situations.

captain helm

Are you an experienced home buyer or investor?  Fantastic!

You’ll be familiar with most of the process, which makes us an even more effective team.

I’m not a “salesman”, although I do have that skill set.

I steadfastly refuse to “sell” you on a home that isn’t a good fit, just so I can make a buck.

I view my role as a professional advisor, and I take that role very seriously.

I am a guide.

You’re exploring the wilderness of purchasing a home.

I make sure you don’t get killed in the process.


My services should either save you money or make you money, well above what I charge.

If I can’t deliver more value than I’m paid for, I will tell you.

success kid

My job, my passion, is helping you make the right decision for your situation, and to put you on the path to success in real estate.

The definition of “success” varies by the individual.

Investors have different goals than a retiree looking to purchase with a reverse mortgage.

Everything is centered on providing you with useful, actionable information and strategies.

The decisions are ultimately yours.

Winter 2018 Edition of the Home Buyer's Guide

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