I devote a tremendous amount of time to learning, mostly more about real estate.

I have never considered the ability to repeat statistics as valuable.

If I can't use my knowledge to benefit my clients, it's pointless to acquire it.

Application of ideas has more impact than simply understanding them.

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Luxury isn’t about price point,

or function, or location, or the size of the rooms.

Like any luxury item, it is about

the experience.

Marketing the experience

requires a different approach.


I completely understand how passionate

you can be about

living life close to the beach and ocean,

because I’m still in love with it too.


I love Military Active Duty & Veterans

because I'm an Air Force Veteran myself.

We communicate authentically,

and I love to help my brothers & sisters.

When you get back home,

I'll help you to get into your home.


If you’re selling your condo, townhome,

or house in an HOA,

or considering buying into a community association

my experience means

a faster, easier, and smoother transaction for you.


If you’re a seasoned investor

or brand-new to the concept,

I can make it easy to understand, and even fun!

Don’t think you are in a position to get your money working for you?

I can give you easy, proven strategies

to put you in the position to succeed.

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Your Florida Suncoast Realtor®.

Serving Dunedin, Gulfport, South Pasadena, St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, and nearby areas.

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