Beach Communities

When I was only 2 years old, my family moved here from Wisconsin.

My family home had a pool so I learned to swim at 3 years old,

and I’ve loved the water ever since.


I grew up firmly entrenched in my neighborhood in West St. Petersburg.

The nearby areas of South Pasadena, Azalea, Tyrone, Gulfport,

were easily accessible and each had their own appeal worth exploring.

As I got older and my boundaries for roaming expanded, I discovered the beach.

Fishing, surfing, and yes, girls in bikinis had something to do with it too.

With that came a multitude of sunburns, a lifelong quest for better waves, and a complete lack of knowledge of all things involving professional sports.


I still fondly remember the unique, quirky places and the charm of that time. And I remember driving down the beach strip and actually being able to see the water.

I''ve seen a lot of change over the years. I have explored so much of the local beaches, and I still haven''t seen all of every community.

I remember how it was, I appreciate how it currently is, and I can put in a very educated guess as to what the future will be.

I completely understand how passionate you can be about living life close to the beach and ocean, because I'm still in love with it too.


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