As a much-younger beach bum, I found my first real estate investment deal on a beach cruise (of course!).

An acre of waterfront land for $1500. I knew the area well, and I knew that price would be a bargain in short order.

I had almost $2000 in the bank from my part-time jobs.

Given my future aspirations to join the military, my parents dissuaded me.

By the time I circled back to check it out again a couple of years later, there were multi-million dollar homes being built there.

My $1500 investment would have yielded a solid $100,000, probably much more.


stormtrooper wounded

I’m still nursing that wound.

But I knew I was on the right track.

And in my grab to better understand and learn more, I stumbled upon “Rich Dad Poor Dad”, which I promptly devoured and put on a pedestal.

Since then, I devote a significant amount of time devouring anything that furthers my financial education. Books, podcasts, web resources, and conversations with live human beings (only as a last resort, though).

If you’re a seasoned investor or brand-new to the concept, I can make it easy to understand, and even fun!

Don’t think you are in a position to get your money working for you?

I can give you easy, proven strategies to put you in the position to succeed.



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