Learning Resources


These are my favorite learning resources.

They are easy to understand, yet powerful, and inexpensive.

You can buy the books, or go to the library for free if necessary.  The podcasts are free too, as is the pod-catcher.

If you did nothing else but spend two weeks of your life reading these books, and another two weeks listening to the podcasts, that single month has the potential to make you wealthy enough to never need to work again.


Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki.

As he says, this is a best-selling book, not necessarily a best-written book.

Still, if you want the singularly most popular money book ever written (and for good reason!), here you go.

The 4 Hour Work Week, by Timothy Ferriss.

Love it or hate it, 4HWW expands on several of Robert Kiyosaki’s concepts.

You don’t need to read it all, but you will certainly want a full understanding of “dreamlining”.


Podcasts are awesome.

If you’re sitting in traffic, waiting for a bus, grocery shopping, or otherwise able to listen to music, swap out a couple of podcasts for that Lawrence Welk revival.

You’ll be richer for it.

First, you need something to listen to podcasts.  If you’re on an Android device (as I am) I highly recommend Podcast Addict, available via Google Play store.

You can download podcasts to your device to listen to off-line.

My favorite feature is the ability to speed up a podcast without affecting the pitch.  Most of my recommendations I listen to at 1.5x speed or better.



My favorite investing podcasts:

Cash Flow Diary with J. Massey

Make sure you listen to the very first episode – you’ll be completely hooked from there.

Sorry, but there is no easy way to reverse the listing order on the web site.  However, any podcatcher should allow you to do so.

Cash Flow Diary with J Massey



These guys cover it all, with great guests and an extremely wide variety of real estate investing topics.

They are fun, a little cheesy, but rock solid and personal-experienced based.

They also have my favorite real estate investing web site / forum, over at BiggerPockets.com. Yes, I’m a member.



I’m not affiliated with any of these companies except as noted.

I just like their product / service.

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