Ready to list (or re-list) your property? Contact me.

I prefer to speak to you directly.  I want to know what is important to you.

You have expectations.  I want to exceed them.

I’m sure you also have some general questions about me and what I can do for you.  Here are the short, general answers.

I’m very personable, casual, creative, resourceful, and tech-savvy. Really?!?

My pet peeves in Real Estate marketing:

  • A single “drive-by” listing photo (bonus points for including the side-view mirror of the car in the photo);
  • A one-liner description (bonus points for misspellings);
  • A classified ad-only approach (1983 called…)

My answers:

  • I have two fantastic photographers on speed dial;
  • I upload the maximum allowable number of beautiful photos to the MLS;
  • Along with an accurate but full description

Among other more-traditional strategies, I can also (personally!) build a website for your property, including:

  • Aerial (drone) and in-property HD Videos;
  • All the photos you’d like;
  • And any other desirable information that we agree upon.
    • This level of service comes at an additional cost, but a premium listing deserves premium attention.
    • Not sure if my skills are up to it?  You’re looking at one of the sites I’ve built.

I also have the backing of a great team at Trade Winds Realty.  If I ever come upon an issue I’m not 100% sure about, my team is a phone call away.