When Is Housing’s Black Friday?

It’s coming soon, and there is something you can do to be prepared.star-wars-vii-by-husdesign

Black Friday (the Real Estate version, at least) is less than a month away.

Not surprisingly, after the traditional Black Friday, when the turkey has been consumed and the retail shopping blitz winds down, people once again hop online to find their next home.

But hey, we’re all busy with Christmas shopping, decorating, and some of us are gearing up for an epic movie release (Star Wars: Episode VII!)

We’re just not paying that much attention to the housing market.

So what is the true Black Friday of the housing business? Here’s a holiday shocker: Dec. 28 was actually one of the busiest days for real estate searches in the entire year, despite the fact that Dec. 24 was the single slowest.

The reason: When we’re over the holiday hump but still on break, it’s a great time to look for our dream home. The same reason explains the surge of activity on New Year’s Day. And, perhaps buying a house is a popular New Year’s resolution?

Source: When Is Housing’s Black Friday? Some Surprising Holiday Home-Buying Trends – Real Estate News and Advice – realtor.com

If you’re shopping for a home, yes, you can still browse online while sipping your hot cocoa in your new pajamas.

But if you’re selling, or think you may want to tour a home, make an offer, or anything that doesn’t involve the concept of “virtual”, you’d better plan now.

We agents take holidays too.  As do our support staff and vendors.

If you want your home in front of potential buyers for the single largest real estate shopping day of the year, call a Realtor® today, and don’t miss out on the upcoming rush.

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