If you’re getting serious about buying, you’ll need the right intel, and some guided questions to help you on your journey.

Hopefully you have already downloaded and read my Ultimate Buyers Guide. If so, this should be pretty easy.

The first section has some questions for you, which help me to better understand your needs and wants.

The second section explains some of the more common terms we will encounter. No, you don’t need to memorize these, but you’ll probably want to refer back to it at some point. Real estate has it’s own language, and it helps to have at least seen some of these terms before.

Two infographic sections explain the benefits of home ownership (really good stuff if this is your first home), and the home buying process.

The last section is the House Hunting Checklist. You can print this and bring along copies for our showings, but it’s not necessary. It is a really great tool when trying to narrow down between several choices, though.

As always, you’ll have me to rely on if you’re not quite sure about any question or section.