Location: Dunedin Causeway, Dunedin, Florida.
Date: December 1st, 2019
Drone: “Robin Sparkles” – a DJI Spark
Music: “Laguna” by Raccy, via Epidemic Sound
Edited in: Adobe Premiere Pro

Wifey: “We need family photos for the Christmas Calendars.”

So, we headed out for a family photo session to Dunedin Causway, because we’re beach bums. Santa Hats in front of palm trees is just our speed. And yes, we got plenty of those shots.

But I couldn’t help but spot these kitesurfers (or kiteboarders depending on your preference) having a blast.

Yes, color me jealous.

Of course, I wanted to put the drone up and chase some video!

But there’s a huge problem with this – kites like it windy but drones definitely don’t.

Theoretically, the wind speeds were at the top end of this little drone’s capabilities, and yes, she struggled a bit at times, but overall I’m really pleased with her performance. I only had one “High Wind Warning”, and one moment of pure panic (Sport mode pointing the wrong way – thought she’d decided to self-destruct!).

Although I normally solo flight, I had a solid spotter this time, and it helped a ton, and we really did have a great time getting these shots.

Sometimes, you just gotta go for it!