🎅 Santa (aka “Awesome Wifey”) hooked me up with a major upgrade to my drone life.

✈ The Mavic Air 2 is, in short, an absolute beast. Almost silent, fast, with beautiful footage and a ton of capabilities to experiment with, so I had to take it out for a few (fun!) test flights around Dunedin.

⛵The marina area was a terrible spot that day – too much air traffic, down to 75 feet at times, so I had to relocate to another marina.

📺 I didn’t realize until I got into the editing room later exactly how much the DJI software pushes towards an underexposed image (or video), which creates a ton of noise (aka grain) in the editing room. See that big island at the second marina? Yeah, lots of artifacts, and that’s after using Noise Reduction in my editing program. Note to self!

📍 After getting the hang of my favorite new feature, Point Of Interest, it was time to hit the Causeway. I was hoping for some good shots, and man, did the Causeway ever deliver those! I cut out a solid 20 minutes of epic shots, but I can (and will) reuse those later!

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(Yes, I’m FAA Part 107 Certified)