We’re all sick of the marketing blitz associated with the 2018 mid-term elections. You know it’s bad when the pre-pre-Christmas marketing took a hit!

So, how do you cut through this? Anti-marketing! Just like this video.


What’s this video have to do with real estate?

Honestly? Not much, at least not directly. There aren’t any homes showcased, or granite countertops, or market statistics. Which I’m actually good with, because those can be pretty boring (at least to me, and I”m in the industry!).

But it does affect the real estate industry, because marketing is a huge portion of what we do, and the election burnout has killed much of those efforts.

I had some fun putting this video together, and obviously, I don’t own the rights to some of the content.

That content is presented only to aid in making the point or for humorous effect, and I never monetize my videos, so I’m pretty sure that Creative Commons covers it.