Expertise & Experience

I have three primary areas of experience and expertise: Beach Communities, Military & Veteran, and Condo & HOA.

Experience makes a difference. These aren’t just bits that interest me, or lucrative market segments that I’m targeting.

These are my passions.


A Lifetime of Experience in Beach CommunitiesI’ve spent every available moment since I was 13 years old on the beach. That’s a lot of sunburns, sand in my boardshorts, waves surfed, and hotel pools hopped in. Experiences that I wouldn’t trade the world for.

I completely understand how passionate you can be about living life close to the beach and ocean, because after all of these years I’m still in love with it too.
I also understand how to market these properties effectively, because the Suncoast Beaches are both my work area and my playground.
Looking for that near-beach bargain property? I have a few areas that fit the bill perfectly.
A Veteran Using His Experience to help other Military and Veterans
I’m not just a “Military Friendly” agent.
I’m a veteran.
8 years of experience in U.S. Air Force.
I know what happens to yellow birds, the magic 3 medical combo, and on more than one occasion I have provided specific instructions to a new recruit not to return without a 5-gallon bucket of prop wash.
IGY6, especially in real estate.
An Experienced LCAM Knows Condos and HOAs
That “LCAM” in my signature? Licensed Community Association Manager. That’s Condos & HOAs.
I don’t just have the license, I have the years of experience to go with it.
I know the correct questions to ask, in the correct vernacular, when my clients are buying or selling in a Condo or HOA.
Things like, “Does the Estoppel Request automatically stop ACH?”
Gibberish to most, but very meaningful when you are inside of the transaction.
I don’t stumble through it and hope for the best, because I have firsthand experience with both sides of the Condo or HOA buying and selling process.
My knowledge and experience means a faster, easier, and smoother transaction for you.
I devote a tremendous amount of time to learning, including real estate investing.
I have never considered the ability to repeat statistics as valuable. If I can’t use my knowledge to benefit my clients, it’s pointless to acquire it. Application of ideas has more impact than simply understanding them.
So if you’re looking to use real estate as a vehicle to a happier financial future (even if you’re still renting your first apartment), I can help.
Get started now, call me at (813) 489-9789

The Veteran Realtor®.

Serving the Florida Suncoast, including Dunedin, Gulfport, South Pasadena, St. Petersburg, St. Pete Beach, Treasure Island, and nearby areas.