I recently saw the statistics on social media platforms and user engagement. Naturally, Facebook is currently the 800 lb gorilla of online marketing. Having products listed for sale on Facebook means more exposure on Facebook in other areas, which means more marketing power in every aspect.

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I only recently discovered Facebook’s “Shop” feature (available on Business Pages only). I really wanted to put something, anything, there. But I didn’t think I had a “product” to sell. And what good is a fully-stocked corral of shopping carts if there’s nothing inside the store?

We real estate agents don’t really have products to sell, aside from homes, right? That’s more than a bit frustrating, to be honest. It makes a lot of sense to market small products to be draw attention to our main products, real estate. But even so-called rock-star agents don’t have small products for the general public. Aside from other agents, no one is going to buy a “Wanna Buy A House?” t-shirt. Differentiation is the name of the game. And here, we agents can get completely stuck.

Then a few nights ago I got some great insight from a family member who is familiar with both my website and Facebook’s Shop. His advice hit me like a slap in the face. “How did I overlook this opportunity?”

So, I immediately set out to put my Buyer, Seller, and Millennial Guides into my newly formed Facebook Shop. Surprisingly, Facebook doesn’t force you to charge a minimum amount for your products, so the $0.00 that I charge for these actually works flawlessly.

My new Facebook shop with products
My new Facebook shop with products

Yes, they are completely free with no strings attached, and yes, the links direct you back to my website for the download.

But this is a great opportunity to showcase my expertise, to put it on blast, to have that 800 lb gorilla help me stand out from my competitors.

I love that these guides provide real value for anyone who reads them. It’s not just “Hey, I’m the best!” type of bragging or marketing fluff. These are chock full of useful, easy-to-understand, and actionable information.

The delivery system scales incredibly well, because it’s Facebook of course! I set it up once and it’s on auto-pilot until the next edition comes out. If I want to pay a few bucks, I can get amazingly targeted marketing directly into the hands of people in my community. And if those people find value, they can easily re-share the content via Facebook.

That’s some fantastic differentiation and marketing steam, and I’m stoked that I could tap into that power.

Check it out for yourself.



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