Owning a vacation rental can be an exciting prospect, especially somewhere as vibrant as Florida. However, with that hustle and bustle comes competition, and you need to know how to stand out from the crowd. Here are some important ways to boost your design and find other means of making sure your property attracts vacationers.

Start on the Outside

You want your rental to stand out in a sea of options, which means it has to grab a viewer’s attention immediately. To do so, you need to amp up your curb appeal. Of course, you don’t want to become bogged down with excessive maintenance, so look for plants that are native to Florida. You’ll also want to make sure your lawn is healthy and green year-round, so consider bringing in a lawn fertilization company to fertilize and treat your lawn (the cost of this service averages $93 in nearby St. Petersburg). Similarly, you’ll want to give your property a sturdy coat of paint that can hold up against the sun and rain, such as latex-based. While top-quality paints may be expensive, they will provide you with years of service before you have to touch it up again.

Get the Right Tech

In today’s market, good technology is a necessity, not an option. What’s more, smart home tech goes beyond WiFi or a complimentary streaming service. In fact, there are plenty of ways technology can make your life easier as a property owner and host. There are smart buttons that allow a guest to contact you without you having to give out your phone number, and apps that let you call someone over immediately for a quick lawn mowing. It is easier than ever to own a rental, though you should remember to avoid overcomplicating matters. For instance, if you have three remotes to work the television, your guests might become frustrated, so keep it simple with a universal. After all, it is possible to have too much of a good thing.

Do Basic Upgrades

It may be tempting to make significant upgrades your kitchen and bathrooms, but those upgrades are expensive, and often don’t provide meaningful ROI. Instead, focus on other ways you can appear sophisticated without breaking the bank. For instance, think of anything that will last you through plenty of wear and tear, like replacing the flooring with a wood laminate that looks real but is sturdier. To go one step further, you could also put in new sinks and faucets, and change out old door knobs for antique fixtures that add an attractive touch of class.

Think Plush

Another strategy to appear high-end is to invest in good sheets, towels, and perhaps plush robes to set your rental apart from competitors. Cotton is always a shrewd option, but don’t limit yourself to it. Indeed, you could try bamboo sheets (a set will cost you around $200), not only for their high thread count but because they stay cool in hot weather, something guests will be thankful for in the summer. Plus, they come from a renewable source and are hypoallergenic. If you’d prefer a similarly unique option, then linen offers many of the same benefits, but with a coarser texture that some adore. The nice aspect of true linen is that it gets softer with age, so the longer these sheets are in use, the better they become.

Coordinate Your Color Scheme

Color impacts us in subtle ways we often don’t realize. For instance, warm hues tend to make us feel happy and alert, whereas cooler ones are calming and peaceful. Definitely keep that in mind if you’re thinking of making the trim of the bedroom a bright yellow, as this might actually keep your guests awake at night. Instead, use soft blues for peaceful bedrooms, and choose bright, upbeat hues for the kitchen and dining area. Above all, avoid big swaths of color, and keep the walls a tasteful neutral. However, you can add pops of color with accent pieces, and decorate with local art to liven things up. Not only is this a fun way to advertise the area, but you’ll also have unique pieces that make your property feel special.

Know the Area

It’s tempting to assume that people visiting know exactly what they want to see, but that isn’t always the case. And, unfortunately, if your guests don’t have a good time in town, that may reflect negatively in their reviews or the likelihood that they’ll return. Given this, it’s in your best interest to help visitors enjoy themselves by providing ideas of things to do. Consider a stand to showcase flyers or even a digital guidebook with options for all kinds of guests, from business professionals to vacationing families.

Stage the Property

A successful vacation rental is not only about a clean environment, but one that has also been properly staged. Your guests, after all, are renting more than a bed for the night. They want an experience that will stay with them their whole lives, so you must offer them something they can’t get at home. With that in mind, look at what other properties in your area provide, and try to provide something that isn’t available. To accomplish this, each room should leave your guests with a different, positive impression. For example, the bathroom might be reminiscent of a spa, while the bedroom could be a retreat that sweeps renters off of their feet.

Lastly, be sure that you make your property look immaculate before you list your photographs online. You want your rental to look its absolute best to entice guests to book with you, and poorly lit photos with wrinkled sheets or flat cushions on the sofa won’t be inspirational.

There is nowhere quite like Florida. It appeals to families on vacation, sports enthusiasts and the business-minded alike. To be certain that your vacation rental stays booked year-round, it’s best to earn repeat customers by giving renters a quality experience they just can’t get anywhere else.
Image courtesy of Pixabay