After several weeks of work, frustration, mad hours, a hurricane, a complete website crash, caffeine, hatred, heartache, blood and sweat…

I’m back!

Not everything is at 100% – far from it.

Geeky stuff later, but for the casual user you’ll find the text of my articles intact, but the images are broken.

I’ll be fixing those bit by bit over the next few days (weeks?!?).  It’s not terribly difficult, but it is extremely time-consuming.

For now, the core of my website is back, better than ever.


Ready for the geeky stuff?


I had been having small issues with my site. Visitors couldn’t see it, but I was getting more and more error messages, extremely long wait times for my editing to load, etc.

Something in the machine was broken.

And I did a bad thing. I switched up the look and some of my tools, hoping to improve it.

Instead, the whole thing came tumbling down. One edit at a time. Everything I fixed caused a later item to fail. Fix that? Next one failed.

I couldn’t merely copy over the old site – that would copy the errors. I had to completely recreate it!

I started to create an entirely new site… and got a hurricane interruption.

We went a full week without power or internet, except for phones.

So I had to restart – again.

And of course, I couldn’t remember where exactly I left off, and I still had to clear the yard, buy food, and fix other stuff.

It took a lot longer than I wanted it to. I kept at it pretty much any time that I could.

And now, I’m back up and running.

My apologies for the dust and the wait.

Fixes to the articles as I go, new content will be cranked out immediately.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.