I usually despise salespeople. But not only do I not hate this guy, I actually love this guy.

He’s got hustle. And you can tell he worked hard on his routine.  

He didn’t phone it in like the average person on a Monday morning.

He worked on this like he wasn’t going to get another Saturday until he had it down!

The term “Sales” or “Salesman” (Sales person now, I suppose) usually has a very bad connotation. Sales people are usually thought of as pushy, overbearing, etc.

FYI, those annoying types are what we call “hard closers”. It’s a legitimate sales technique, but the really adept sales people know that it only works about 5% of the time. Unfortunately, they operate there, well, all of the time.

Kenny is obviously relentless. Persistence is a virtue in sales.

But he absolutely nails everything else.

He is professional, funny, engaging, entertaining, memorable.

I’d flip over my couch and shake it for change, or pull out my fillings for the metal, just to pay this guy for showing up and being his awesome self.

Here’s the original video, followed by the link to his YouTube channel.

Follow Kenny at his YouTube Channel here.