I collect my pet peeves.


So I remember what I hate, that way I can avoid that for my clients. Scratch your own itch, right?

Why some people call themselves “professionals” yet provide this level of service is beyond me.

These are, in some cases, real-world examples, redacted to provide anonymity to the guilty parties.

Yes, there are few amateurs thrown in for good measure.

Further proof that, in most cases, hiring an amateur (including yourself!) is too expensive.

Pet Peeve #1

A Drive-By Listing Photo


You really “phoned” that in, didn’t you?

Double-bonus points, because it includes the car’s side-view mirror.

How hard is it to stop the car, get out, take five photos, and get back in?

Florida can be hot, and I want my air conditioning as much as the next person. But at least stick your arms another 3 inches out of the car!

Even in a war-zone of a neighborhood, you can do better.

Pet Peeve #2

Amateur Level (or worse) Photography

"I have a complete photography studio in my pocket."

“But I have a complete photography studio in my pocket…”

I will happily admit that if you give a professional photographer a cell phone, they’ll take amazing shots.

If you want to see some outstanding examples, check out this video from Sean Tucker. Many of his Instagram shots are cell phone photos!


But equally so, give the average person a decent professional/consumer grade camera and they will be totally lost.


The simple fact of the matter is – gear doesn’t make you a photographer. Studying photography, and practicing, and refining your technique does.

If you’re not a professional photographer, and I can’t emphasize this next part enough…

especially if you’re listing a million dollar property…


2 Million Dollar Listing
Would you pay $2 Million for this home, based on this photo?

There are some phenomenal photographers that do outstanding work for a bargain price.

We Real Estate Agents are forever telling For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties that they need to hire a professional,

yet so many agents refuse to do that with photographers!


Pet Peeve #3

A “One Liner” Listing Description

Spend a few weeks looking at online listings for homes, and you will eventually see something like this:

Ya' don't say?!?

Ya’ don’t say?!?


Double bonus-points if it’s misspelled!

“Owner says saile”

Here’s a dose of common sense:

If you are a licensed agent and have a contract with the sellers,

and you’re putting a home on the internet for sale,

the owners probably want to sell it.

You can do better. Even if it’s your first day in real estate.

Pet Peeve #3a

Similarly, repeatedly saying:

Location! Location! Location!

Isn’t a selling point.

The highest body count I have found so far was 5 in a single listing description. And I still have no idea where the property was actually located, or why it mattered so much.

Pet Peeve #4

“I can sell it in the Classified Ads.”

1983 called. They want their marketing strategy back.


These days, if it ain’t on the internet it simply doesn’t exist.

If that’s outside of an agent’s wheelhouse


And yes, there are clients who refuse to have their listing put on the internet.

Guess who won’t work with them?

That’s right. I won’t.

Pet Peeve #5

An Agent with an “” e-mail address

Oh, I can hear the dial-up modem now…

1993 called, they want their technology back.

Seriously, even a “” address is okay now.

And it’s free.

Or maybe pay a couple of bucks per year, and get a personally branded e-mail account.

You know, like:

Get with the times.

While we’re on the topic of using outdated technologies…

Pet Peeve #5a

Back To The Future II got it wrong

No one faxes now.

No one.

And having a fax number on your business card?!?

Way to say, “I have 30 years in the industry, and haven’t bothered to keep up.”


Hopefully, you learned a few things on what NOT to do.

If you’re interviewing agents, you definitely want to keep an eye out for these things.

If you’re ready to hire someone who “gets it”, just click that “Book Appointment” button.