You would think most of this list is common sense, and it is. But although these seem simple enough, it’s nice to have a checklist for safeguarding your home during open houses and showings.

More points and recommendations below.

Florida Realtors Listing Safeguarding

I only have two additional points that need to be included. This list is produced by the Florida Realtors, so I’m sure it’s a bit sanitized.

1. Securing valuables also includes weapons and firearms.

Now, I’m definitely a fan of the Second Amendment, and when it’s just us, hell yeah I love to check them out.

But leaving them unsecured when the public will be in your home (even escorted) is just asking for trouble. You would be amazed at home many people leave them just out in the open – it’s a thief’s dream, and a security risk for me.

Not only do I need to worry about theft, but also the possibility of an unscrupulous type trying to use it on me.

Then it’s a firefight, and we get all sorts of nastiness all over your house, and then cops, and insurance, and cleaning companies, and a ton of hassle.

Seriously, please, just save us both a headache and a mess. Put them in a safe.

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2. Keep your unmentionables equally locked away.

Nothing sparks a more lively conversation than a sex toy prominently displayed.

No judgment (probably!), but no one wants to see that when shopping for their home.

And yes, I have some photographic evidence of the best, most flagrant violations, including a couple of photos that made it on to the MLS!

Now, we always recommend hiding photos of your family. I certainly recommending hiding anything to do with the family jewels, too.

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More thoughts on safeguarding your home

My ongoing recommendation is to sanitized the property as much as possible before the listing photos are shot, and keep it that way.

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My Pet Peeves in Real Estate Marketing

For those day-to-day items that you should lock away, get a backpack or duffel bag and store everything in that bag. When a showing or an open house is scheduled, simply grab the “Go Bag” and put it in the trunk of your car.

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These simple ideas for safeguarding your home can save you a lot of stress, drama, and embarrassment.