You can do it yourself!

Is selling your home “By Owner” for everyone? Of course not.

Going the FSBO (For Sale By Owner) route isn’t as easy as it sounds. But does it actually happen? Yes, it does!

You should know what to expect, and more importantly, how to handle it, which is why I have created the Ultimate FSBO guide.

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The Ultimate Guide for FSBOs

Wait, why is a Real Estate Agent willing to help with a FSBO?

Good question.

That’s covered in the first section, but I’ll give you a sneak preview.

I do quite a few household and automotive repairs myself.

It (usually) takes me less time to do the job than it does to take it someplace or call in for service, and it definitely frees up money for other opportunities.

The truth is, I get it.

I totally understand wanting to try and sell your home on your own and save some money.

In the course of trying to sell your home on your own, you’ll find many agents will try and convince you that you can’t possibly succeed or that you’re going to make costly mistakes. Or otherwise try and scare you. Or trick you into working with them.

I want to help you give selling on your own the best try possible.

And, if you give it your best shot, and you still don’t have any luck, sure, I hope it leads to doing business with you. But, I want to have earned that opportunity and give you a preview that I really know my trade.

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Not all “experts” are quite so “expert”.

If you want some light reading, you probably want to check out my pet peeves.

If you take away nothing else, avoid these things and you’ll do better than most!