Toys For Tots is a wonderful charity, and I was voluntold (by my wife) that we were going to spend an afternoon working at the warehouse.

I grudgingly accepted (great cause, but I have to leave the house?!?), and then promptly had a blast!

I highly recommend the experience.

Here is my interview with Ed Zaleski, the Pinellas County Toys For Tots Coordinator.

Big opportunity here: They need a more permanent warehouse location, something with around 15k square feet (although double would be better). Also, a forklift or two would be miraculous. Indoor plumbing would also be fantastic!

So if you know someone who has either and would be willing to donate it part-time (or even full-time!) to Toys For Tots, please contact me at 813-489-9789.

If we can finagle a more permanent location, I’d also love to have local (especially Veteran) trades (construction, plumbers, air conditioning, electrical, etc.) to volunteer some help upgrading it.

If you want to know more about Toys For Tots Pinellas, check out their website here:

or their Facebook Page here: