Here is a simple list of key things NOT to do during your loan process.

1. Don’t quit your job.

2. Don’t switch banks or move your money around..

3. Don’t co-sign on a loan for anyone else.

4. Don’t let anyone pull your credit for any reason whatsoever.

5. Don’t forget to inform your loan officer about any changes in the purchase agreement you and the seller agree upon after you have applied for a mortgage.

6. Don’t lease a car or allow a car dealer to “pre-qualify” you for a lease or loan.

7. Don’t take on new debt.

8. Don’t stop making your regular monthly payments after applying for a mortgage.

9. Don’t ignore your loan officer when they ask for something. We don’t make this stuff up – we really need it!

Original Post by: Fiduciary Funding (update: Site No Longer Available).

Always consult with your loan officer when there is a question regarding any of this because it could cost you your home loan.