I met Michelle Rothwell from Your Mortgage Source when she visited my office one day.

We immediately clicked.

I first recommended her for a couple using a VA Loan to purchase a home.

We veterans can be a bit prickly, and these buyers were no exception. I had faith that Michelle could win them over and take great care of them.

That faith was not misplaced – my buyers immediately clicked with her too (no small feat, let me assure you!).

She worked her usual magic for them. The lender she secured would take a little bit longer (relatively speaking), but by the time we hit the closing table she had saved these buyers several hundred dollars a month on their mortgage!

Needless to say, she won several enthusiastic testimonials on that deal, and rightfully so.

Zach and Michelle

She is always willing to help, whether that’s actual work, providing a referral or connection to a better resource, and even provide answers to simple general knowledge questions, all with a great attitude and sense of humor.

She has an educators heart, the hustle of a titan of industry, and the humor of a veteran. What’s not to love?

I have been fortunate enough to spend some time with the rest of her team as well, and all of them are equally generous, sharp, and motivated.

Michelle (and the rest of the team at Your Mortgage Source) won my recommendation through outstanding knowledge, service, approach, and a warm personal demeanor.


Your Mortgage Source

29275 US Hwy 19 N
Clearwater FL 33761

Tel: 727.787.2299
Fax: 727-787-2239



And yes, I will be shooting several videos regarding mortgages (especially VA Loans!) with her in the near future, so stay tuned!