Condo and HOA

Like most people and their careers, I got into Condo & HOA management a bit sideways.

I earned my Community Association Manager (CAM or LCAM) license shortly after getting involved in the industry.

I quickly discovered it was a rather good fit.

I learned that I actually enjoy that there is always another project and/or crisis to handle.

I discovered that, oddly enough, I have the people skills to excel at sales and client retention.

I also thoroughly enjoy the semi-entrepreneurial nature of it.


Every condominium or Home Owners Association community is a not-for-profit corporation.

It’s wonderful to experience being a key player inside of the business operations for a dozen companies.

That experience bears fruit in many other areas too.

For my real estate clients, after a few minutes with the paperwork, I can tell you the financial health, restrictions, possible problems, and the benefits to purchasing in any community.

I’m fluent in LCAM, which means communicating with other Community Managers is seamless for me, a huge benefit to my clients.

If you’re selling your condo, townhome, or house in an HOA, my experience means a faster, easier transaction for you.



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