Is there anyone in your friends or family circle that has a Real Estate License that needs to be included?

Like, will your Mom get mad that you didn’t include Aunt Sally?

If so, you need to talk to Mom & Aunt Sally before going any further.

Because those last-minute calls from Aunt Sally can really mess things up.


Introducing: Homebot

Put in your address, then if you want to, an approximate amount left on your mortgage. That’s it!

Homebot tracks the market value in your neighborhood via recent sales.

And it automatically updates your Home Value and Equity.

You can get those updates via email, or via the app.

Don’t worry – your information is not sold to a third party. You won’t have telemarketers bugging you.

Just me, every once in a great while. And I’m a pretty chill guy.

You can get the mobile apps here:

Link to Apple Store Homebot App
Link to Android Store Homebot App


The most important concept to me is

your motivation to sell.

Whether you are relocating, upsizing, downsizing, or simply want to cash out your equity…

your time frame and desired price point have a tremendous influence in choosing the correct strategy.

Market conditions are generally slow to change, but knowing those conditions is half the battle.

The other half is knowing what the best strategies are for those conditions and how to implement them effectively for the ideal outcome for YOU.

Your timeline (as much as possible).

Your target price.

Your experience.

Your needs are important, and you deserve someone who will cater to those.


Like many things in life, the sales process is simple.

But that does NOT mean it’s easy.

There are a LOT of steps, pitfalls, head scratchers, and other failure points.

I make the process smooth, and provide the best experience possible for you.

My philosophy is simple: Preparation is critical.

The more we Prepare and Provide up front, the easier it is for Buyers Agents to do their job, and the smoother the transaction can flow.

I refer to this as the Package.

From that point, Marketing leads to showings and offers, then paperwork, which leads to negotiation, then more paperwork, then closing.

Of these, you certainly have questions about each step but the Paperwork & Negotiation stages are always the big questions.

Here are my simple answers:





Let’s cover some other key points before you decide to move forward.

  • My Superpower
  • Costs
  • Commitment


If there is one singular point where I stand out from the crowd of Real Estate Agents

it is this one.

Marketing is my superpower.

Firstly, I’m not going to give away my secret sauce recipe here, so don’t get too excited.

Suffice it to say, it works quite well, and I can honestly say that I have not met another agent who actually knew it.

We’re not talking about some fancy whiz-bang tech solution.

(Although I’m a huge fan of using tech to enhance the experience!)

Speaking of which…


Modern problems require modern solutions.

(Did you read that in Dave Chappelle’s voice?)

You’re most likely reading this on a phone or tablet, right?

No one looks up from their phone.

Your home listing should be optimized for that experience.

And there is a lot more to it than “Just use an app”.

But again, I’m not going to just give it away here.

That’s (part of) what I get paid for.


Honesty and integrity is everything.

Reputation is priceless,

gained in drops and

lost in buckets.




You can also expect to pay out of pocket for:

  • Movers
  • Cleaners
  • Repairs*
  • Staging
  • Survey (if you don’t have a recent one)**
  • Flood / Elevation Certificate
  • Title Work*
Family helping load furniture onto the truck on moving day

And yes, some of these you can easily Do It Yourself.

That’s not always the right solution, but sometimes it is.

Check at the Closing Table
Check at the Closing Table

These result in a smaller check at the closing table, rather than cash from your wallet.

  • Your own closing costs
  • My compensation (which we will discuss in person early in the process)
  • Maybe the Buyers Closing Costs
    • If they ask, and it makes sense.
    • That’s a deeper conversation we can have if necessary.
    • They should increase the purchasing price to compensate
  • * Some Repairs and Title Work can be paid at Closing too.

** The Survey can be done by the Buyer. But it makes a smoother, faster transaction to have it ready, available, and included in the Package.


  • Photography & Videography + Editing
  • Marketing Expenses
    • This can include online ads, open houses, etc.
  • My Transaction Coordinator (paperwork & timelines)
  • My Broker’s Fee which I pay out of pocket.
    • A lot of agents pass this through the deal.
    • It’s a turn off for Buyer Agents, who have to pay their own too!
    • I never do this – I want HAPPY Buyers Agents!

I did this for a potential BUYER,
and it wasn’t MY listing!


Commitment – a little bit married…

What about the commitment to each other?

To put it bluntly, if we do this, we’re going to be

“a bit married”.

I do have a prenup though.

We can part ways at any time. Say the word (in writing – contracts, ya know?).

If we get an annulment, I need to be reimbursed for my expenses, which is fair.

There is the Cheater Clause, which says if you fire me, then go behind my back and try to steal the deal, I still get paid the full commission.

Likewise, the Cold-Feet Clause says that if I bring you a full-priced offer, I have done my job and earned my commission. This only comes into play if you decide to back out at the last minute – if you go through with the deal, then I get paid at Closing and we’re all good.

That’s pretty reasonable.

(Note: The contract doesn’t actually use those terms, but I think it makes the point quite elegantly.)


Selling a home is a big decision, and it can get overwhelming, especially for the first-time home seller.

My job, my passion, is helping you make the right decision for your situation, and to put you on the path to success in real estate.

There are many steps in the process, and the right order makes the process run smoothly.

That’s where I can be a steady hand at the helm, providing high-level and detailed guidance in all situations.

Everything is centered on providing you with useful, actionable information and strategies.

To that end, I’m working on a resource to make that experience even smoother, and more repeatable.

So you can get up to speed at your own pace, not based on my availability.

Don’t worry though – I’m always here for you.