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Why should I hire a real estate agent / broker / Realtor®?

Two words: “Licensed Professional”.

Can you do it yourself?  Sure!  There are plenty of tools available that make it easier than ever.

Should you do it yourself?  Probably not.  Real estate is complicated, and seemingly insignificant issues can be major problems.

This applies whether you are buying, selling, or investing in Real Estate.

What you don’t know CAN hurt you!

What’s the difference between a real estate agent / associate / broker / Realtor®?

Real Estate Sales Associates work under a Broker’s supervision, and are commonly referred to as “Agents”.

A Real Estate Broker has met additional experience and education requirements.  They may legally open their own real estate business known as a Brokerage, or may choose to work for another Broker, in which case they are known as “Broker Associates”.

I recommend addressing someone as they choose to introduce themselves (“Mary the Broker” should be referred to as a “Broker”, not an “Agent” ).

Realtor® is a (® = Registered) designation that the person is a member of their local, state, and National Association of Realtors® , a professional association.  It should not be used interchangeably with “Real Estate Agent”.

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