2018 is here, New Year, New Opportunities

2017 has finally ended, and I want to heartily welcome 2018! A new year brings new opportunities, and this year is off to a good start for me.

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Last year was good, but I had other commitments that prevented me from focusing solely on real estate.

For example, an overhaul of a family member’s home to prep it for sale (several months of hard physical work). A naughty little tropical system that will live in infamy named Hurricane Irma and the subsequent recovery. And without missing a beat, along comes the holidays. Overall, it was a good year, but I feel like I really slacked on the career track, although the circumstances simply didn’t allow for anything more.

I still loved my time at Luxury & Beach Realty. I was very happy there – I loved the people and the environment, I even loved the name and the logo.


But I was recently offered a position at Ameri-Tech, with the ability to both manage communities like HOAs & Condos, and to continue to pursue real estate, all under the same company.

It’s usually one, or the other – rarely both. And each has their own merits.

Condo & HOA Management equals a steady paycheck and a relatively stable schedule.

Real Estate can have sizable paychecks, but it’s not predictable, and the schedule is much more flexible.

Here, it’s the best of both worlds.

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As much as I didn’t want to leave Luxury & Beach Realty, this is an opportunity I simply couldn’t refuse. Queue the clip from “The Godfather”.

Added bonus that I’m in the same office with my wonderful significant other.

So, check out the new signature block – same contact information, new logo.

Now I’m off to re-brand all of my social media platforms, update LinkedIn, my business card sharing app…


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