If you’re even THINKING of buying or selling a home, do this immediately!


If you are even THINKING of buying or selling a home (or both), you need to put your phone numbers on the Federal and State Do Not Call lists immediately.

It’s really easy, and will save your sanity.

Florida Do Not Call: FLDNC.com

Federal Do Not Call: DoNotCall.gov

Make sure you register EVERY phone number in your family.
Parents, kids, dog, whatever.

If they have a phone number, put it on these TODAY!

It seems like such a tiny (and yeah, boring) thing to do.

But if you’re a home buyer, the day after your closing is “recorded” (filed with the County), your phone will start ringing, and ringing, and ringing, with sales pitch after sales pitch about how to protect/save/upgrade your new home.

Home sellers? Yeah, just as bad.

Not at first, of course, but…

If you’re home doesn’t sell, and the MLS listing switches to “Expired” status, just take a short drive down to the Gulf of Mexico and throw your phone in.

Don’t actually do that.
Pollution is bad.
But it will be tempting!

But if you put your phone number(s!) on the Do Not Call lists at least 32 days BEFORE you take any action, you will be off the radar for most solicitation calls.

Some people take pride in cold-calling people on the Do Not Call lists.

It’s illegal, immoral (okay, downright RUDE!), and has hefty fines.

Do us all a favor – get their information (sweet talk them if you must) and report them immediately using those same websites.

And for the love of all things holy – do NOT do business with anyone slimy enough to cold-call a Do Not Call List phone number!

Do not reward bad behavior!

I’ll save you a scroll back up the page – here they are one more time:

Florida Do Not Call: FLDNC.com

Federal Do Not Call: DoNotCall.gov

If you’re a home seller, you’ll want to read this too.

It’s totally FREE, no strings attached (seriously!).