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Privacy, Cookies, and Copyright Info

Privacy Policy

My privacy policy is simple.

I don’t share your information
with anyone,
for any reason,
unless you specifically request that I do so.

Even if my lawyer says I have to, I still just may not recall.

Easy enough, right?

Despite a decent web footprint, I don’t want anyone to share my contact information with a marketing company without my permission.

My privacy is important. And I think that goes for everyone, so I stick to that.


I only use Cookies that are inherent to the software used to build this site.

That number is, unfortunately, more than zero.

But I wanted things to look right, and function well for my visitors. Making it an enjoyable experience is more important to me than zero cookies, and I think that’s a pretty fair deal.

I don’t use cookies for any other third-party service for remarketing to you.

Photos & Videos

I only use my own photos/videos, or stock photos/videos, or purchased photos/videos that I have the right to use.

I do my own stunts too.

I am a Remote Pilot Certificate holder (Part 107, aka Drone License). All aerial photos and/or videos were taken legally, and I am legally allowed to use these for business purposes.

I may also use content with attribution, or via creative commons (to demonstrate a point, but not to profit myself).

If you find an exception to this, please let me know and I will either remove or credit your photo or video, whichever is the more appealing option for you.

Do me a favor and let me know where I can find the offending exception – I have a lot of content, so I can’t easily chase something random down.

Copyright is simple too:

My content is mine, but generally speaking, please feel free to share it – with attribution when appropriate.

Cool: Sharing a blog post or YouTube video. I mean, that’s what it’s there for!

Not Cool: Downloading property photos that I paid for, without asking me, and using them to promote yourself.


Comments are not allowed directly on this website. I don’t see the point of allowing them, and they are generally nothing but spam.

Form Submissions

Any form submissions will be added to my database.

That’s for my follow-up purposes only, and if you ghost me or tell me you’re not interested, then *poof*, right outta there!

Your information will not be shared with anyone unless you specifically request it, with the following exception:

If you are looking at a Vendor, and you tell me you want to work with “Bob”, I may call Bob to tell him to expect a call from “Jane S.”.

That’s it – no more personal information. Maybe your full name if that’s cool by you.

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